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Hi Folks,

Glad you’ve found me here on this interweb. While we’re still designing and spiffing things up around here, I wanted to let you all know about a great opportunity that has come my way. I’ve recently been asked to play at a pretty neato venue called the Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley, MA. To give you an idea of its prestige, a list of other upcoming performers at the Bull Run includes Joan Osborne, Shawn Mullins, Greg Brown, Cheryl Wheeler, J. Giles, Brooks Williams, Patty Larkin and Livingston Taylor…Now, these are not names I’m used to being associated with, but, I tell you what, I’m pretty pumped that a venue like this is willing to give me a shot! So, I hope you can help me…are you willing to try? Here’s what I need: in order to make this show happen, I need to fill at least 10 seats (otherwise the venue cancels it). However, just filling 10 seats is well and good if I never want to get asked back. Obviously, acts who meet the bare minimum requirements are not the most appealing. And I want to make this experience as awesome as it gets for all of you and for the venue! So, for this particular show, I am willing to offer some perks to those of you willing to help make my first impression with the Bull Run an awesome one!

1. I am willing make this show the first public event at which I will sell my newest CD, The Water’s Edge. So, all who attend will literally have the first discs hot off the presses!
2. If you preorder your ticket from me online, I will personally sign and hand you a copy of my CD for FREE at the door! – That’s right, FREE CD.

This is how important playing for fine folks such as yourselves at this amazing venue is to me. So, please please please, if you can, or if you know anyone in the area who can, come on down to the Bull Run for this incredible night, and please preorder your ticket!

Also taking the stage will be the amazingly talented finger-pickin’-good Shawn Taylor. This guy will rock your socks and shoes off!

So, are you willing to help me?

Here are the details:

Kara Kulpa
Shawn Taylor
The Bull Run – Shirley, MA
August 11, 2011 – 7:00pm
PREORDER TICKETS via EMAIL with “Bull Run Tickets” in the subject line.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and consider my offer! I will post again in the near future with more updates regarding the CD, website, shows and my upcoming national tour! Until again, take care and eat right. :)


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