*September 20, 2011 – Chicago, IL

Hi Folks!

This night marked our first double header of the tour! We played an early show (7:30pm) at Homolatte (at Tweet) and a late show (10:30pm) at Jerry’s Sandwiches. Whew! We were fortunate enough to be graced by the beautiful words of poet, Simaya, between our sets at Homolatte and equally graced by the musical musings of Shelley Miller and Mark Gill during our sets at Jerry’s! This whole Chicago run made me smile a lot for sake of great creative company. I may also have experienced the most delicious chocolate cake of my life at Tweet (the venue for Homolatte) and that generally trumps any other experience I have…I mean, I love music and all…but give me a divine piece of cake?…Oooo eee! :) Here are some photos to document our travels to these two fine midwestern establishments. The Alice in Wonderland type door is located at Tweet…

Until again,

a door!

Homolatte @ Tweet


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