September 27, 2011

Hi Folks,

I’ve decided to revamp how I’m going to post about these shows – turns out, it’s hard to get to a wi-fi spot after each and every show amidst driving, playing, eating, sleeping, catching up with old friends and taking care of other on-tour-tasks (email list, posters, etc). So…I’m going to treat this like a journal and update it with things I find interesting, at the times I find them interesting. :)

Today’s topic: More, more Midwest! (and silly signage)

So…after spending the night in Madison, KFO and I woke up to find ourselves with a daytime of exploring to lend to south-central Wisconsin. KFO was impressed with the name “Oshkosh,” so, we decided to stop. As we were walking in “downtown” (?) Oshkosh, I noticed this building on the side of the street.


Nice sense of humor, Oshkosh. :)

As it turns out, Oshkosh isn’t that big, so, after about 30min, we decided to head on up to Appleton, WI, (the town of our Maritime Tavern gig that night) and find some cheap bowling.

Bowling KFO


We eventually made it to the Maritime Tavern to make friends with Ben, the bartender, and John, the owner, who fed us sausage and mushroom pizza (mmm!) and kept us company before our gig. Thanks guys!

Today we’re headed up to Minneapolis to play at the 331 Club with local Chastity Brown. I’m especially excited for this stop because I’ll get to reconnect with some friends I don’t get to see very often! I love that part of touring!

OK…I’m drawing weary of journaling here, but I musn’t pass over Ames, IA. (Another stop in which I got to reconnect with friends!! – AND play Balderdash…whoa! What a great night!) Here’s a photo of Zeke’s from the stage.

Zeke's (Ames, IA)

Coolest part – if you look close enough you can see our sound engineer (Scott) and our lighting engineer (Alden) – that’s right…we had LIGHTS! :) I felt pretty fancy. Local opener Ryan Seiler brought out a very friendly crowd and let me play violin with him (woo!!)

Alright, kids. I think I’m off for now. The Harmony Cafe in Appleton, WI, and I say “farewell for now!”

Until again.

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