November 2, 2011. (19th Century Mansion, Asheville, NC)

Holy Smokes, Folks!!

I am writing to you from a legit 19th century mansion in Asheville, NC! I will hopefully post some photos of it very soon, but, until then I must tell you that it is amazing! If you’ve ever seen the film Casper, you can begin to imagine what this place is like. Decorative wood ceilings are only the beginning! Everything in here is beautiful from the 1920s/30s (or older!) furniture, to the giant doorways, to the wall portraits and other humongous works of art to the beautiful book shelves and display cases filled with old books! Holy moly. For any of you who know how long I’ve dreamed of becoming Anne of Green Gables (though she didn’t live in a mansion such as this – she did live in the 1890s) this is like a dream come true! So, let me tell you how I ended up staying the night in such an amazing place.

It all started with a gig KFO (Kristen) picked up for us a few weeks back. We originally had this night off, but KFO, being KFO, found an open mic competition in town for us to partake in. So, we arrived and met the host, Alex Krug. We chatted and played and had a grand ole time (KFO won! Go KFO!!!!) Sometime during the night, Alex asked us where we were staying – our original plan was to drive an hour out to stay with our friend, Vivian. However, Alex offered her place as an alternative and, feeling like she was a pretty cool girl and excited not to have to drive an hour out after the show, we accepted. After which Alex said, “staying at my place is kind of an experience.” I asked her if she lived in a collective and she said yes. I mean, I was excited about staying in a house with several other cool folks to begin with, but this is just out-of-the-park amazing!! So, needless to say, our new friend is quite awesome and, since I like helping awesome people, I must tell you about her project! Alex is currently in the middle of a Kickstarting campaign to raise enough funds to make a new album. I highly recommend you check out her tunes and help her out if you’ve even got a dollar to contribute. You can find it here!

I spent the past hour just writing and writing in my journals – so filled with creativity this mansion. It was originally owned by a single female painter in the 1900s, then bought by a jazz musician in the 1970s and he still lives here with all of his creative tenants! Tomorrow morning I’m sure I’ll spend at least that amount of time taking pictures! Ok, though, enough about the mansion for now. While I’m at this, I should really update you on how the tour is progressing!

Well folks, we’re 1 week away from a happy return to Boston after two months on the road! Since we last chatted, a LOT has happened! We made it safely out of the midwest, but not before playing two amazing back-to-back shows at The Bridge, in Columbia, MO! (Thanks for asking us back for a second night, guys!!) Also a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to see us – it was so good to see you!!! We also, of course, snagged a day of catching up with my wildlife friends before treking over to Lawrence, KS, where I reunited with my “Kansas Family” and shared a show with Bayley’s band, Ashes to Immortality, and Megan’s band, Dumptruck Butterlips. What a fun sisters-filled night! After KS we spent a few days playing in Pueblo, Denver, Ft. Collins and Boulder, CO, where I got to catch up with my real life sister and my good pal Teresa Storch! The next two days we spent driving (literally, spent the days driving) all the way across the west (my, are Wyoming and Utah ever gorgeous! – pictures on that matter soon to come as well) up to Seattle where we played a show in front of a very large aquarium at the aptly named, Musicquarium at the Triple Door. What fun! We then made it to Portland where I discovered the most amazing book store on the face of this planet (Powell’s Books) – oh my!! I could spend a very happy week of my life living in that store. Until we meet again, Powell’s, until we meet again. :) We also, of course, indulged in Voodoo Doughnuts – yum yum! After Portland we spent a few days sight-seeing in CA: we encountered the majestic Red Woods and hiked around Yosemite National Park – a much appreciated nature-break for me! We then played a hole-in-the-wall joint in Atascadero, CA, with no cell service, but a live webcast of our show (you can find it at Last Stage West) before making it down to LA where we spent the next few days. In keeping with our love for local lore, we of course each ordered an In-and-Out Burger, animal style. Mmmm. And it was nice to catch up with old friends in the city! After LA we made it through the desert to Phoenix, then on to Austin (where we ate and slept quite well with “Uncle Dave” and even got to push start his1965 VW Bug in the middle of downtown!!) From Austin we hit one of my favorite cities in the U.S., New Orleans! I may just have to catch you all up on the rest of this later though – as it’s nearing the wee wee hours and we’ve got an early start tomorrow. Anyway, hope y’all are doing well out there in your respective parts of the country. To all whom I’ve recently seen, thank you so much for your support and kindness along my travels! To all who I’m about to see – eeee! I’m excited to see you :)

Once again, from the 19th century mansion, check out Alex Krug and don’t forget to pre-order your tickets for my CD Release show at Club Passim on November 30th!!

See you out there.


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