Thank You!

Firstly…To all who came out to see/watched online my CD Release last week at Club Passim. What an amazing night of performances from Beth Colegrove, Dan Blakeslee and my incredible bandmates, Jeremiah Birnbaum (guitars, banjo, vox), Kirsten Lamb (bass, vox), Ryan Fitzsimmons (guitars, vox) and Bethany Weiman (cello, vox)!! I am truly blessed to have been a part of such an epic night. Especially the part where I got to look out over a crowd of people watching and listening to my music in such an awesome live music venue (whoa! what a high).

Secondly…To all who came out to see Pesky J. Nixon this past weekend in New Haven, Brooklyn and Long Island. It was quite a treat to play with these guys and I will direct you to some photos/videos once they’re posted. If you’re my friend on facebook, ( I believe you can already see some… Also, to the NYC House Concert Circut: I love you. Let’s meet again, shall we? :)

Alright, just wanted to give a quite update! Hope this finds you all well and warm. I’m out my door to another edition of Exile on Elm Street (my weekly Tuesday residency in the front room of The Burren). See you out there!


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