Hi Friends,

Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve updated you. I’ve been flying under the radar, taking a lot of sideman gigs and playing a TON with my new (used) mandolin thanks to YOU! Seriously, my utmost and sincere thank you goes out to those who aided my quest either by action or by thought – I am forever grateful. Thank you.

That said, I do have some solo gigs I’d like to make mention of before they’re passed – I have a terrible habit of forgetting to tell people about these things!

On Saturday, September 20, I’ll be playing at Somerville’s inaugural BIG Tiny House Festival . This is an evening-long fest that will feature live local music (I play at 5:00pm) along with local craft vendors in support of showcasing tiny houses. There will be a few houses open for walk-throughs, as well as workshops on how to build your own! This sounds amazingly cool and I am very excited to be a part of it!

The next day, on Sunday, September 21, I am reunited, once again, with my ever-enduring and incredibly talented musical companion, Mya Byrne!! If you feel like haven’t heard that name before, it’s ok – she used to be billed as Jeremiah Birnbaum and is now fully realized as her true self and better than ever!! We will be playing Folk in the Chapel in Norwich, CT, and you can bet we will do it in true KK-MB fashion; swapping instruments and songs as we progress throughout our sets. It’s an afternoon show (3pm) and not that far from Boston, so, if you’re up for a Sunday drive, hop on in the car and meet us there!

I hope you all are enjoying the tail end of summer and finding time to reflect, give thanks and love one another. Have a wonderful day!


Sat. Sept. 20 – 5:00pm
BIG Tiny House Festival (3pm – 7pm)
Former Waster Transfer Site
10 Poplar Street
Somerville, MA

Sun. Sept. 21 – 3:00pm
Folk in the Chapel
Christ Episcopal Church
78 Washington Street
Norwich, CT

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